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Why & How to Find a Proper Skin Care Routine

Why is a proper skin care routine so important, and how do you find the right skin care routine for you? Let’s talk about it!

Your skin can feel like a never ending cycle of irritation, breakouts, congestion, or dryness and texture.

You find a new product and you think it may be helping for a bit and then… nothing.

You get a professional treatment and your skin feels great for a few days and then you’re back to square one.

If this sounds like you, your home skin care routine (and the skin care products you’re using) may need an overhaul, and I’m going to tell you why and what to do next to achieve your skill goals.

Why is a proper home skin care routine so important?

You wouldn’t try to run one 10k race and expect to do well, or become immediately physically fit. You know you need to do proper daily exercise to strengthen and prepare your body.

The same rule applies to skin health. You can get professional skin treatments, and make it through them just fine, and even feel great for a few days. But unless you’re doing the daily work at home, you won’t see the results you want.

And the way to get results in skin care is to get educated by a reputable source, get individualized advice from professionals who care, and invest in high quality skin care.

Your skin care professional should be knowledgeable on more than just treatments and skin care, as skin health relates to many aspects of our lifestyle and environment.

Getting the most of your professional skin care treatments

Proper skin care will condition your skin for professional treatments, often making them more tolerable in-clinic, reducing the risk of negative side effects, and improving healing time.

Without a customized skin care routine, you can get a professional treatment (such as a HydraFacial, microneedling, or chemical peel), use prescribed after care, and then fall back into the exact same issues after, as your day-to-day home care isn’t supporting your needs.

Or worse, when you go back to using your regular skin care, you will see increased issues or reactions on your recently treated skin, as the harsh effects of some products will be amplified on skin that is no longer covered by a thick stratum corneum.

Finding the right products for your skin care routine

A great skin care routine begins with using the right products.

Finding the right skin care products for your routine can be challenging

Why does it feel so hard to find the right skin care products that actually help you achieve your skin goals?

First of all, if you’ve struggled to find skin care products that work for you long-term, you’re not alone! And it’s not you or your skin’s fault.

Skin care product marketing and mismatching

Companies that sell skin care, especially large conglomerates, have huge marketing budgets telling you exactly why you need to buy their products. And they’re good at it.

Just walking in Sephora can boost your mood, and walking out of there empty handed feels flat out wrong. But the result of this self-diagnosed, one-size fits all, mis-matched skin care routine is that it’s just not going to work the way you expect it to.

The products aren’t formulated to work together and may even be harmful to your skin barrier when used together. You may be using far too many acids, or nearly no hydrators. Routines made up of a variety of brands and products can be stripping or drying for your skin, even if each individual product is safe and helpful when considered individually.

Skin care product private-labelling

Another common practice in skin care is the use of private-labelling, which means that many companies can go to the same chemist, buy the same formula and simply package it and market it how they please.

This means you could be using the same product, or a nearly identical formula over and over when shopping through the aisles of over-the-counter products thinking you’re getting to the bottom of what might work for you, without ever seeing an improvement. This is a waste of your time and a waste of your money!

What are the best skincare products?

There are many exceptional skin care lines, and you can get amazing results from many of them. The most important part is finding a team or a professional that you connect with. Feeling like your visits are judgement free and you aren’t coerced into buying products or treatments you don’t want or understand is vital, as well as knowing that the specialist truly cares about supporting you and seeing you reach your skin care goals.

You can easily build a new, effective skin care routine using AlumierMD products. Simply connect with our Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Kelowna (you don’t need to be local), and we will complete a complimentary consultation. This will allow our skin specialists to individualize your routine for maximum results.

How to find a great skin care routine

Healing your skin isn’t a quick fix. It often takes the investment of time and money, and requires trust and patience in the process.

But if skin health is a priority for you, jumping in and really doing it 100% with the right specialist by your side is going to get you the best results in the quickest time.

Receiving an in-depth assessment, addressing underlying health concerns, getting a tailored treatment plan, and customized home care with high-quality, independently formulated and tested products that suit your specific needs and are formulated to complement each other is the way to go.

Finding the right team to start this process with is the first step to get you from now, day zero, to your goal skin. And you can take the first step of that journey today and book in for a free online or in-person consultation with one of our Registered Nurse Skin Specialists at Organic Glow Medical Aesthetics.

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still team
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