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Love Your Lips With Hyaluronic Acid Lip Injection Treatments

Updated: Feb 29

Thinking about getting a hyaluronic acid lip injection treatment? Here’s what you need to know!

Lip augmentation is becoming a popular treatment for women, especially for those with naturally thin lips or for those who want to resolve aging concerns due to loss of fat, collagen and muscle atrophy.

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting hyaluronic acid lip fillers that we often hear at Organic Glow Medical Aesthetics in Kelowna, as well as some tips for getting the results you want and what to expect!

How do hyaluronic acid lip injections work?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance within the body and it’s typically the product of choice for lip augmentation. It is a safe and minimally invasive procedure compared to other surgical treatments and the goal is to shape, hydrate and restore lost volume.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are designed to restore this loss in volume and moisture by plumping and hydrating the lips. Our bodies naturally produce HA, therefore over time we break down and metabolize these fillers.

How long does a hyaluronic acid lip injection last?

As hyaluronic acid lip injection treatments are not permanent, we recommend clients to come back every 6-9 months to have their lips re-treated.

How long does it take for lip filler to show results? What if I’m not happy with my lip fillers?

Another important thing to share about hyaluronic acid fillers that many do not know is that results are immediate as well as reversible. If you are not happy with your results or feel as filler may not be for you, we have a reversal agent that dissolves the filler to return your lip back to its original structure.

How can I get the results I want from my hyaluronic acid lip injection treatment?

Here are some tips to help make sure you love your lips after your treatment!

Choose an injector you trust

The assessment is the most important part of the treatment. Whether you want to restore loss volume, add hydration or create symmetry and balance, it is important to discuss your goals with your injector at your consultation to ensure that the results you want can be achieved.

Lip fillers have evolved over the years, and I find many women are hesitant to experiment with fillers due to negative misconceptions such as having ‘duck lips’ or looking fake or overdone.

However, when hyaluronic acid fillers are injected correctly, they create subtle, natural enhancements in the volume and shape of your lips.

My goal as an injector in Kelowna is to enhance the best of what you naturally have without changing the way you look. It is important to pay attention not only to the amount of product being injected, but also the location of the injection. Less is more and it is important to avoid the excessive use of lip filler product.

Remember that for some, desired results take time

Those with a smaller shape or those with aging concerns, it may take multiple treatments to achieve the desired structure, shape and volume within the lip. This is totally normal and it’s important to have the right expectations going into it.

Hyaluronic lip filler before and after: My experience with lip injections

Before I became an injector or was involved in the aesthetic business, I personally was afraid of this treatment as I did not want my lips to look too big or over done so I purchased every lip plumping gloss on the market. However, the misconceptions construed my view on what hyaluronic acid fillers actually do!

I received my first treatment in April of this year and had 1 syringe of HA filler. The one thing I did not expect after my first treatment was the amount of swelling! This will shock most of you after your first treatment, but do not panic! This is normal, be patient and wait about 48 hours before calling your injector.

Once the swelling subsided, I was very happy with how subtle and natural my results were. It is very important to choose an experienced and educated injector to avoid the negative effects and undesired results of dermal fillers.

A lip fillers before and after showing the effects of one hyaluronic acid lip injection treatment at Organic Glow Medical Aesthetics in Kelowna, BC.

What to expect during and after my lip injection treatment?

  1. Pain is minimal! We use a lidocaine, benzocaine and tetracaine numbing agent. Trust me, you will barely feel a thing!

  2. Bruising, and swelling is normal and can be expected. Swelling should subside within 24-48 hours and some can expect mild swelling up to 1-2 weeks. To avoid bruising, avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol and other blood thinners a week prior to your appointment.

  3. The treatment only takes about 30-45 minutes.

  4. Avoid saunas, hot tubs or hot showers 4 hours after your appointment.

  5. Avoid manipulation after the treatment, this includes laying on your face or massaging the area unless instructed to by your practitioner.

Hyaluronic acid lip injection treatments in Kelowna, BC

If you’re looking for a Kelowna lip filler treatment, visit us at Organic Glow Medical Aesthetics! We would be happy to answer any questions that you have and consult with you before your treatment to ensure we are getting you the results you want.

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