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Get Your Dream Skin With Skin Care Loyalty Programs at OGMA

Ready to improve your skin and save while you're at it? Organic Glow Medical Aesthetics’ Skin Care Loyalty Programs were created because we saw a need for support and consistency when it came to our clients’ skin care. Contact us to enquire and we can start working towards your skin goals together!

It’s no secret that consistency is key when it comes to achieving that glowy, dream skin. It can be tough to reach our goals without direction, hopping from one product to another, or blindly choosing treatments and hoping for the best.

We saw a lot of these things happening with our clients. They were prepared and committed to taking care of their skin but they just felt a little (or a lot) overwhelmed by the massive variety and conflicting information online. And worst of all, their concerns never went away. They still struggled with dry flakey skin, or acne, or sensitivity despite all their best efforts.

Three beautiful women in comfy clothes sitting on a bed smiling because they joined the OGMA Skin Care Loyalty Program in Kelowna.

We found a solution.

What if you received one-on-one support from a skin care expert who was also a medical professional? You could work together to create clear goals based on your individual assessment and situation. And best of all, you had access to monthly skin care treatments and medical grade skin care at an exclusive discounted rate. Not to mention a ton of perks like VIP events, gifts, and free treatments!

Sounds good, right?

OGMA Skin Care Loyalty Programs

Our OGMA Programs give clients an all-inclusive version of our clinic for less than a la carte service prices! With Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers starting at just $99 per month, you can unlock discounts on all your favourites like microneedling, Hydrafacials, chemical peels, and medical facials with deep discounts on an unlimited amount of laser hair removal.

Plus free skin treatments, savings on all your AlumierMD skin care, an annual gifted treatment for a friend, birthday gifts for you, and access to VIP events with even more fun goodies and freebies.

And it’s not too good to be true!

We love our clients and wanted to create the ideal skin care program to achieve your goal skin and make you feel like the ultimate VIP. Every client’s experience is completely individualized, and we make the program work for you. Credit never expires so you never lose a dollar!

Because this program offers so much, we can only offer a limited availability. So connect with us to get started today!

One of the owners of Organic Glow Medical Aesthetics in Kelowna, Kayla Homulos, applying discounted Alumier MD skin care products in the mirror that she received as part of the OGMA Loyalty Program.

What’s included in the OGMA Loyalty Programs?

With three options to choose from, you can select the program that works best for your goals and budget. No matter which you choose, each one is packed with incredible value and will help you work towards your skin care goals!

Note that the cost of the program is automatically applied to your OGMA account at the start of each month to be used towards any treatments or skin care products you wish⁠—so there is no actual “cost” to join, just a commitment to spend a certain amount each month!

As well, your credits never expire, so there is never any money wasted.

Silver Program | $99 / month

  • Skin consultation & ongoing support

  • Exclusive access to VIP events & promotions

  • Birthday gift *

  • Free maintenance Hydrafacial ($189) annually after 1 year

  • 10% off Alumier Skin Care

  • 10% off Skin Treatments

  • 30% off Laser Hair Removal

* Birthday must fall within dates of active membership.

Gold Program | $249 / month

  • ​Skin consultation & ongoing support

  • Birthday gift *

  • Gifted Maintenance HydraFacial for a friend *

  • Exclusive access to VIP events & promotions

  • Free Deluxe Hydrafacial ($249) every 6 months

  • 15% off Alumier Skin Care

  • 15% off Skin Treatments

  • 40% off Laser Hair Removal

* Birthday must fall within dates of active membership, gift for friend available after 6 months.

Platinum Program | $399 / month

  • Skin consultation & ongoing support

  • Birthday gift *

  • Gifted Maintenance Hydrafacial for a friend *

  • Exclusive access to VIP events & promotions

  • Free Platinum Hydrafacial ($299) every 6 months

  • 20% off Alumier Skin Care

  • 20% off Skin Treatments

  • 50% off Laser Hair Removal

* Birthday must fall within date of active membership, gift for friend available after 6 months.

How do I know if an OGMA Program is right for me?

Here are some signs that an OGMA Program would be a smart choice for you:

  • You want to improve your skin but need more support and consistency.

  • You're looking for an excellent skin care membership in Kelowna.

  • You want to purchase Alumier MD products at a discount.

  • You already spend an average of $100/month or more on skin care services and products.

  • You are planning to do lazer hair removal sessions.

  • You enjoy having regular medical skin treatments such as Hydrafacials, microneedling, chemical peels, medical facials, Botox, or dermal fillers.

  • You like the idea of joining a skin care community in Kelowna.

  • You would enjoy having access to VIP skin care events and special offers.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Loyalty Programs, or book a free consultation to get started. We look forward to helping you work towards your skin goals!

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